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Aug 4, 2013 10:00am EDT
. he has thegue that it responsibility for keeping america safe. he will say he needs all the tools. he should, but within the framework of our constitution. seal all of our borders. tap everyone's phone call. randomly search everyone's home. but are you?afer would you want that? we are always going to face terrorist threat. we have seen a rise in al qaeda has of this misguided idea. we spent a trillion dollars going into iraq. it does not make us safer. we will be paying for it for decades. we lost thousands of them men and women. just because we can do something does not make sense to do it. that it is asaid third term president bush. would you classify it as that? president bush and i discussed this a lots. there administration dropped the ball. i was the one that wrote in the first patriot act. joined the conservative leader in the house for the provisions. if the page actually never in nobody's going to question. we found the number of mistakes that were made. i have proposals. somewhere -- somewhere acceptable. >> i want to talk about judges. your company is working hard to co
Aug 18, 2013 6:00pm EDT
needham, the ceo of heritage action for america. it was founded three years ago. thanks for being our guest. let me introduce our reporters. bob cusack is the managing editor of "the hill" and neil lesniewski. >> let's go right to obamacare. this is the issue that is facing the gop. why do you think republicans can do this? before republicans have funded obamacare. the election did not fix much.-- change much. it may have only have democratic control. >> for the last three or four years republicans were all elected on the promise to get rid of obamacare and have relied on someone else coming in and saving the day. the supreme court will come in and rule it unconstitutional. the american people are going to get rid of president obama. the public and lawmakers who have all pledged that they will do everything they can to stop obamacare now have a time for choosing. in october 1 sign up. a day before the sign ups start of the defund the government. this is the time for them to lay down a marker and say have told our constituents that we are against this. we're not going to find it. there
Aug 4, 2013 6:00pm EDT
. i have a great deal of admiration for him. that he has a responsibility keeping america safe. wants all the tools possible. i agree, we should have all the tools within the framework of our constitution. i can give you ways to make us totally safe. seal all our borders. cap everybody's phone calls -- tap everybody's phone calls. you might be safer, but are you -- would you want that as americans? we're always going to face terrorist threats, just as germany and italy and many others. we have seen a rise in al qaeda. we spend $1 trillion in the iraq war. we spent $1 trillion going into iraq. we were told this was for our safety. it did not make us safer. we will be paying for it for decades. we lost thousands of good men and women there. the place is chaotic today. just because we can do something, doesn't mean it always makes sense to do it. >> some have said that this in the third term of president bush on national security issues. would you classify it as that? bushknow that president and i discussed this a lot. he worried about another 9/11 attack. i think he realized that
Aug 25, 2013 6:00pm EDT
america to have an opportunity to succeed. republicans are focused on making sure that president obama cannot be successful. that is unacceptable to most people. >> can we switch the topic to the nsa? this divide both parties. within your party, you see very strong defenders of the surveillance programs that are going on. i wonder if this is something you have gotten involved in. have you made a bridge or does not fall within your bailiwick? >> it certainly falls within my bailiwick on the official side. president obama talked about protecting our national security interests in protecting the american's privacy it is critical. i have spent time on this. i spent five years on the judiciary committee during the reauthorization process of the patriot act and has spent some time on the privacy and security issues. these programs, while in some ways they are troubling, it is going to make some uncomfortable. there is no question that those programs have given us an opportunity to prevent terrorist acts and those who would do americans harm. there appears to be no question that there are tim
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)